• Abelardo Hernandez, Guatemala Soccer League of RI

    Abelardo Hernandez, Guatemala Soccer League of RI

    “I plan on being my neighbor’s keeper by supporting events, participating in our neighborhood activities, and informing people of the things happening around us.”
  • Iasha Hall, Neighborhood Resident

    Iasha Hall, Neighborhood Resident

    "I will be my neighbor’s keeper by loving my neighbor as myself!”

  • Islay Taylor, The Steelyard

    Islay Taylor, The Steelyard

    “I plan on being my neighbor’s keeper by treating everyone in Olneyville like they are my brothers, sisters, cousins, or parents.”
  • Michelle Un, United Way RI

    Michelle Un, United Way RI

    “I will be a more active member of this community – getting to better know people I interact with each day and sharing my excitement about great things happening in Olneyville.”
  • Olneyville Youth Council

    Olneyville Youth Council

    "Being a good neighbor means helping the community, treating all people with respect, and being responsible for the area around you."
  • Virginia Morgan, Neighborhood Resident

    Virginia Morgan, Neighborhood Resident

    “I will be more involved in different groups, look out for my neighbors, keep everywhere safe and secure for the kids, and keep being a volunteer all I can!”

I Am My Neighbor’s Keeper

Mission Statement

I Am My Neighbor’s Keeper (IAMNK) is a neighborhood campaign designed to engage and empower residents and community stakeholders in Olneyville. We believe that people of the Olneyville neighborhood have the right to respect for their community values, culture, and history. We also firmly believe that members of the community should have the authority to access resources that improve their community, to be consulted on public policies that affect their neighborhood, and to have a strong, united voice that advises officials and organizations on Olneyville’s needs. IAMNK members support the efforts of neighborhood organizations that aim to foster social growth, cultivate economic development, and advance the self-sufficiency of Olneyville residents.  We ask that the actions of neighbors, neighborhood organizations, government officials, businesses and philanthropists are guided by equity, participation and accountability.

As they contribute to building a stronger, more equitable neighborhood, members of the IAMNK movement work together as one #TEAMOLNEYVILLE.

Want to join #TEAMOLNEYVILLE? Take our Neighborhood Pledge!

Click here to read the #TEAMOLNEYVILLE Pledge.

Click here for 12 Tips on How to Be Your Neighbor’s Keeper.

To get involved, call Tina Shepard at (401) 351-8719 x 109 or email her at shepard@oneneighborhoodbuilders.org.

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